1. Delivery of goods is carried out by the Seller from his warehouse

    2. Sending is made within 24 hours after confirmation of the order by the Seller, if not stated otherwise in the description.

    3. Pre-order products and shipped within the period, stated in the description of the item, starting from order confirmation by the Seller.

    3. The delivery time displayed in the shopping cart is indicative and does not take into account properties of the product, possible delays in confirming and paying for the order. If payment is made after the Seller's last delivery date, the delivery is postponed to the next business day.

    5. The exact time is calculated after the confirmation of the order by the Seller and is visible in the order view.

    6. The number and courier service will be displayed in your order view after the order has been shipped.

    7. If the Seller allows you to pick up the goods in the warehouse, wait for confirmation and a message from the Seller to your e-mail.

    8. If "Seller's Delivery" was selected, then the exact date and time is set by the Seller after the order confirmation.

    9. If this order contains food or frozen products, then please specify the delivery time by calling the Seller's delivery service numbers sent to you by mail along with the order.

    10. Digital products are delivered to you instantly to your e-mail, unless otherwise provided by the terms.

    11.For all delivery issues, please contact the Seller in the chat available in the Order view.
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