To provide safe purchasing experience, we have minimum eligibility requirements for the seller to be auto-confirmed.

Sellers requirements:

1. Registered company in the European Union
2. VAT registration number
3. Minimum 2 years of company activity and VAT registration.
4. At least 70% of offered products are in your warehouse and you provide a warranty.
5. Mandatory contract with at least one of the Venipak/ DPD/DHL courier services.
6.Minimum turnover of 100k/year

If you do not fit into these conditions:

For European companies:

We are here to listen and support any business that can add value to the EU Business trade.  If you do not fit into these conditions but think your products are interesting, please contact us on [email protected] 

For Chinese-mainland and Hong-Kong companies, with EU shelf-companies:

You can distribute your products through one of our distributors. Please send us your products and details to [email protected] and we’ll contact you shortly.

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