How to start selling

Any company registered in the European Union offering a product, food,beverages or digital products can sell on the site.

Sellers checklist:

1. Is this platform right for you? is most suitable for the middle and large distributors targeting B2B clients in Europe and especially Northern and Eastern Europe, having products in stock and following types of goods:

1.Computer equipment
2. Consumer goods: Home and garden products, gadgets, accessories, stationery, children's products.
3. Clothes and accessories
4. Food. Any products manufactured by you or you are an official distributor.
5.Construction products
6. Electronic goods with instant delivery: Books, software licenses, games, top-up cards and access to other services  

2. Do you meet the minimum requirements to be a seller ?

Read the requirements for the seller here.
If you answered "Yes" to all questions, you are ready to go:

1.Registered enterprise in the European Union
2.VAT registration number
3.Minimum 2 years of company activity and VAT registration.
4. The offered product is in your warehouse and you provide a guarantee.
5. Mandatory contract with at least one of the Venipak/ DPD/DHL courier services
6.Minimum turnover of 100k EUR/year

If you do not fit into these conditions but still eager to join, please contact us on [email protected] before registering.

3. Fill out the registration form

The quick registration form is available here
Read the seller's agreement. By submitting the form, you agree to the terms of this agreement.
We will review your application within 48 hours during business hours.

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