Why Ecom ?

10 reasons to sell on our platform:

1.Effortless European channel

To find and establish a cross-border sales channel is not an easy job. 
Here you can find your customers from all over Europe and increase your reach to 25 million businesses.

2.Sales unlimited

Your sales are no longer limited by traffic, marketing or local competition. 
We are driving your sales without you to worry about.

3.Predictable expenses

Running your own platform hinders many visible and hidden costs and bears financial risks. Development, advertisement,  marketing, hosting, service staff just to name a few, with a risk of technical failures, human factors and rising capital investments in updates and maintenance. 
Ecom is a risk-free, zero cost and constantly evolving platform, taking your non-core business burden off your shoulders.

4.Sell more and fast

Selling on established markets gives you stability, yet hinders growth and progress.
We provide buyers with tools and algorithms to find your products faster, to buy more and again and again.

5. Free your warehouse and capital

Some products just don’t sell on your local market, taking capital and warehouse space.
Sell products that don’t sell faster. Season products, overstock, end-of-life, all that you can’t sell on your established channels. We’ll find you buyers for any product.

6. Wholesale deals

Finding wholesale channels and making a deal can take months of marketing and sales efforts. 
We make wholesalers to find you and make deals in seconds. Just place your offers in the wholesale section and let us find you the right buyer.

7. Persistent sales (Without Annoying Your Prospects)

To maintain steady sales usually requires significant ongoing efforts and skill. Establishing new marketing channels,  maintaining key relationships, taking risks in new products.

We have it solved. Adding thousands of new businesses, attracted by a wide selection and safety environment, we provide you with steady sales, growth and eliminating volatility.

8.Low risk

Trading is all about the risk. Every new product could find its niche or it can fail.  Changing product directions could cost significant capital expenses.
It doesn’t have to be this way. We see the opportunity - together we create a risk free, profitable and predictable business. Our structures and services create rare opportunities for you to explore and test new products, receive early feedback and innovate with minimum risk and capital expenses.

9.Lean trading

In an old paradigm, to make more profit, you need more products, more people, a bigger warehouse.
We change that, by giving you a lean trading philosophy. Sell more by having less products, have less people and no warehouse.

10.Building EU ecosystem

Undoubtedly, the EU is one market. At the end of the day, whatever we do, sell or buy,  we realise that we’re intricately interconnected. We either contribute to growth of the whole or we diminish it, and by doing that - we’re impairing our own opportunities.
We build a strong EU to connect and benefit all businesses.We create an ecosystem that will emerge bold innovations, stable growth and a brighter future for all EU citizens and the World.

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