ECOM EUROPE , a tech company based in London, UK. 

We’ve been developing and managing B2B ecommerce platforms for the last 20 years. We helped numerous companies to grow from small ecommerce distributors to achieve hundreds of millions in revenues. Today, our robust and systemic tech platforms serve millions of businesses all around Europe. 

Our unique systems approach allowed us to be on the forefront of the ecommerce innovations, providing our partners with smart self-reinforcing processes, achieving sustainable growth and stable profitability. -  is our evolutionary platform, built to meet systemic challenges that all European companies share. We believe the European Union and UK have a great opportunity and huge potential  in creating a unique ecosystem,  leading innovation and building a better world. To unleash this opportunity is our goal.

Our purpose: 

To enrich life and empower human evolution.

Ecom Europe strives to serve and innovate, creating meaningful beautiful products, enhancing our capabilities to sustain life and facilitate true progress of humanity. Not by numbers, but by quality and beauty. 

We work on Holacracy and S3 organizational patterns. We have no leadership or CEO, operating as a network of decentralised circles and roles with systems in control. 

If you want to join our team or just chat, drop us a line [email protected]

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